Soooo as we might have mentioned at the time (I thinnnnk it was all we could think about for a while..!) this was the last photo our first drone ever took 💔 Shortly after this was taken, Phil handed me the controls while he repositioned the kayak, and that was the end of drone 1 🙈 Possibly one of the most stunning places we’ve ever seen, but it was a bit of a mixed experience for us!! Despite this one little (and very expensive...😬) mishap we managed to get through the rest of our trip with little going wrong - no lost passports, memory cards, broken cameras... which for us is quite an achievement! One thing Phil and I definitely have in common is being a little accident-prone and good at losing things...! So on that basis maybe one broken drone in 4 months isn’t too bad ☺️ - 📸 @globe_drifting